All Users

Upon arriving at the site you will be asked to log in with your main character via the CCP ESI system. Please do this with your main character. You will next be asked to add an email address - we do not authenticate via email and a junk address can be used for privacy! I.e.

This will then take you to the main dashboard.

As the system is modular, and to save you adding toons multiple times we have integrated a “charlink” function show as the following

Click this button on the left hand side of the dashboard

You will then see a checklist with the login button on screen


Please make sure all the boxes are checked and add the character you just logged in with first! Then ALL your other characters one by one using the same charlink tool. (BLUES ONLY - no need to add all toons just your main)

Discord can be found under the Services button

Press the blue button with the checkmark and follow on screen instructions.

Blues - this is as far as you need to go in our auth, it has granted you access to our discord with blues access level Please note - if you’re already on our discord it may need you to leave it before the system will add you using the services button

You now need to grant us access to the ESI on all your toons, this is done as follows:

Click on the member audit button

You should then see a screen with all the toons you have registered eg

Make sure ALL the yellow boxes with the eye icon in are clicked and turned blue.

If you have mined within 90 days of joining corp please let us know in the tax-office channel in Discord